Saturday, September 3, 2005 “Putting dot the i” is a bit the aim of very good text Roland Goigoux in Liberation.

Saturday, September 3, 2005 "Putting dot the i" is a bit the aim of very good text Roland Goigoux in Liberation. And finally logical enough to regard reading methods! Goigoux extensively discusses the reading current methods he describes as "integrative" and denounced the "false Methodenstreit" often used in favor of a reactionary caricature speech on the school. This is the text to read today. Good reading… ——————————————— – Release of 03/08/05 To Robien, "in 99% of cases, so good ‘at heart! A new school year began Friday for 12 million students and 1.3 million staff Education. And a new minister at the helm, Gilles de Robien. His hazing started by some institutions occupations. […] or the Minister of Education, Gilles de Robien, visiting a hotel school in Lille, "in 99% of cases, so good." According to him, "we must move from a culture of concern to the culture of trust, because the anxiety feeds discouragement, while optimism is virtuous and feeds encouragement." Read more of the article War of the methods is ended by Roland Goigoux university professor at Clermont-Ferrand and director of a research laboratory teaching. Nearly 750 000 children 6 years now enter for the first time in elementary school to learn to read. Without a clear and precise communication from the Ministry of Education, students parents often fear being victims of bickering between supporters of competing methods: global, syllabic and mixed. The school year should be the opportunity to explain that these three methods have almost disappeared from classrooms and the educational reality is very different caricatures carried by those who want to believe that primary school failed in its mission. Today there is less than 10% of teachers who use methods syllabic, global or mixed. Recall that the latter prevails in the 60s, was a mere juxtaposition of two previous (a brief word memorization stage followed by a long syllable study); it has almost disappeared in this form and it is a mistake to keep the name of "mixed" to describe anything that is neither comprehensive nor syllabic. The vast majority of the 35,000 teachers in charge of the initial reading learning using other methods, gradually forged in Francophone countries over the past thirty years. […] we propose to call these methods "integrative" because they aim to develop simultaneously and interacting all the skills required to read and write. Integrative homework helper geometry
methods therefore differ both syllabic and mixed methods, exclusively dedicated to deciphering words (B + A = BA) and the global method that delays or makes random study of the relationship between letters and sounds ( or even prohibited for ideovisuelles methods 80s now prohibited by school programs). If integrative methods have gradually supplanted the syllabic and mixed approaches, it is because they forsook whole areas of learning: writing activities were scarce, the study of complex sentences and returned coherent texts elementary courses, and access to children’s literature reserved for the best players, those who had completed their exercises before others. In short, they were based on an incremental conception of reading instruction: students had to learn to identify written words before being faced with reading comprehension problems, master the basic mechanisms before accessing the written culture, learn to read before they learn to write, etc. For twenty years, scientific research permit to certify the contrary, that progress in one area encourage other learning. […] Those who today claim the return of syllabic methods, with ideological arguments relating to direction the effort and the necessary austerity of learning, often deal only have students from advantaged backgrounds: they want to reduce the teaching of reading in only deciphering because they know that the families of these students can transmit themselves all other knowledge. While some popular circles parents sometimes join them is for quite different reasons: they have trouble understanding the methods used with their children and do not know how to help them efficiently. In both cases, a greater effort of communication between school and family is essential. It must be accompanied by a clear and honest discourse on mistakes or excesses that have sometimes accompanied the development of integrative methods. […] The war methods fizzled. Certainly, adjustments and improvements are needed (especially in initial teacher training), but it is indisputable that the principal balances have been found. The teachers agree on policy, scientific research confirm their experiential knowledge and enable further progress, ministerial directives are more accurate than in the past and textbooks of increasing quality. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 03/08/05 Fillon: "the substantive reforms can not be undertaken until after the presidential" are you particularly worried about the implementation of your school reform? I am vigilant. Our school needs this reform, which is the result of broad consultation. If it was not implemented in full and on time, the credibility of the government of the majority and of Education itself that would be reached. In difficult conditions and with remarkable courage, many stakeholders in education have accompanied us in this reform. We must not abandon them in the open field. What do you think of the creation of 45,000 jobs school life? The fight for employment as the modernization of the education system do not lend themselves to this type of precarious employment. Especially as we explained for more than two years there was no choice but to reduce public spending. Without consistent action, this is an example of discrediting public speaking. Do I remember it was in black and white in our program that it must give up the ease of precarious employment subsidized? […] Read more of the article ———- ——————————— Humanity of 03/08/05 Editorial by Maurice Ulrich’s all right Minister Gilles de Robien has he forgotten that the government, which he was already part, brought in the loi Fillon reform of education, against millions of high school students who fought for weeks. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien on 03/08/05 (paying) the school year on track Twelve million students have found their last 900,000 teachers. They lived a comeback without major hiccups. As college Grange-aux-Belles in Paris, where it was especially pampered small 6th. Read more of the article few duds field YEARS follow and are not alike. Last year, to the day, all attentions were focused on the implementation of the law on secularism banning the wearing of conspicuous religious symbols in schools. Nothing like yesterday More New development section of the laptop for 1 euro WE GO AGAIN for portable operation to 1. Launched in September 2004, the Mipe (micro-laptop for students) to enabled many young to equip cost 100 000 students bought a computer last year Read more of the article the Internet revolution in college mAP chip replaced the old student card board and also serves as a door -monnaie electronics. Here, all professors publish their online courses. The University of Lyon II Humanities is one of the most modern facs … Read more of the article "Never without my USB" IMPOSSIBLE "David Couto, 25, a student of Masters applied Foreign languages ??in Lyon-II, to "come to college without his USB key." "I store all the files I need, I only have to connect to a computer … Read More Article —————— —————————— the Cross of Nothing seen … 03/08/05 ——- —————————————– 20 minutes from 03/08/05 No 20 minutes ——————————————- weekend —— Ouest France 03/08/05 the arrival of the smooth "small sixth" Yesterday was the new school year, the real, the official. In colleges, this day has often been devoted to sixth. In the absence of other classes, they have been welcomed especially. Atmosphere at the Max Jacob college in Quimper. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 03/08/05 Agenda against texts notebook Despite opposition from some teachers, the agenda is gaining ground every year on traditional homework notebook. Recommended to CM2 to prepare the student to manage time before college entrance, the book of texts, still predominant in the sixth, quickly abandoned by the older college students. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur daily 03/08/05 Nothing seen … ————————————– ——————— a selection from the headlines 03/08/05 SNETAA-EIL (vocational) denounces a comeback "morose" the union Snetaa- EIL, union of vocational education, on Friday denounced a "morose input" and "the gap between words and deeds" of Gilles de Robien, Minister of education Read more of the article — ————————————————– —————— for more VousNousIls the site (section dispatches education AFP) the News Yahoo! site, heading home education the teacher Indispensable coffee Posted by educational Watrelot to Saturday, September 3, 2005

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